Donyatsu Chapter 26 and Episode 3

Here’s the first of two chapters which we didn’t have HQ raws for, hence the significant drop in visual quality. Next chapter’s raws are, while nowhere near our normal standard, marginally better than this one’s. Figures the chapter we don’t have HQ raws for is the one with the color pages… Anyway, enjoy the plot while it’s there cause it’ll be back to pastry animals playing around in the remains of human society soon enough.

Download | IRC trigger: !donyatsu26

<begin K3’s post>

Soooo, been a while, huh? Delays are no one’s fault but my own. I blame YouTube, though. They decided to upload episode 03 in 288p only. The YouTube quality sucked, and, believe it or not, NicoNico was better. The whole reason why I held this off was because subbing to low res stuff sucks. I spent some time altering the styling for 288p only for a friend to tell me last second that I could just hit the “Resample Resolution” button. Smooth, huh? Anyway, ED was slightly altered and updated to official lyrics. Episode title font was also changed. Previous episodes will be made consistent in the end-of-series batch, as always. The subs’ll be blurry if you use vsfilter or xy-vsfilter. I use xysubfilter, so that’s not a problem, but there’s no stable version as of right now and therefore, I wouldn’t recommend it. Hope you enjoy~


TL: KoolKidsK
TLC: Akatsukin
Editor: Nemu
Typesetter: KoolKidsK
Timer: KoolKidsK
QC: KoolKidsK, Jagman1x3

Special thanks to delacroix01 for transcribing some lines I couldn’t hear and to Kane for seeding this with his snippity-snap fast Internet.

Oh, a status update on the manga: I have up to 29 tled with 27-29 at TLC. Because of certain circumstances, I am determined to be caught up to the mags before the next volume is out, hence the speed up in Donyatsu. If I cannot do that, I’ll feel bad and someone should punish me. Seriously, punish me.

Until next time.

Torrent | IRC trigger: !donyatsuep3

<end K3’s post>

Yuusen is being typeset. I’ll try and do Shirasunamura this week. New Haru chapter should be out in Japan tomorrow, although it’s probably a side chapter.


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