Donyatsu Chapter 25

So it’s far from optimal right now, but I have Photoshop up and running. There are some annoying bugs which are going to slow me down considerably, but I can at least do some work now.  If only I’d had more money, I could have gotten another Mac and solved all my problems… oh well.

This marks the end of Volume 2, so the chapter is extra-long. Not sure what the status is on the next few chapters, but cleans for 26 and 27 will likely be very bad as we don’t have HQ raws and I’m not debinding my copy of Volume 3 just for two chapters.

A lot of stuff has been translated, so I’ll try to work on them at whatever pace I’m able. More specifically: All the remaining chapters of Tonari no Seki-kun Volume 3; Shirasunamura Chapter 0b; Yuusen Shoujo Chapter 6; Ajin Chapter 9; and OniiNyan Chapter 5 are translated. Haru no Houtai Shoujo Chapter 8 and Shinigami-sama Chapter 4 raws are in, so they should be translated soon. If anyone wants to help me with redrawing or typesetting, now would be a very good time to volunteer.

Download | IRC trigger: !donyatsu25


One thought on “Donyatsu Chapter 25

  1. This extra long chapter is pretty intense. I enjoyed Mol’s distasteful appearance, it’s really great.
    Thank you for the lovely work!

    I hope the whole raws/scans with Donyatsu works out.

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