Mirai Nikki Redial Part B – END

Well this was delayed at pretty much every step (mostly due to the insane amount of spreads and redraws), but Redial is finally complete! Thanks to everyone who helped me with the editing, and Purr-Nyan for the translation. Enjoy!

Download | IRC trigger: !redialb

I should be getting a bunch of scripts fairly soon, so hopefully I’ll have PS working by then. There’s got to be something I haven’t tried doing yet…


5 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki Redial Part B – END

    • I’m not really that comfortable with uploading raw scans on a scan group site, since there isn’t really any way that can be justified (scanlating them is kinda borderline imo). That said, I may consider uploading the whole volume to jcafe at some point. The only reason I haven’t already is that it’s scanned in really high definition, and I’d have to batch the whole thing to get the file size down to something manageable. I guess I’ll probably do it eventually, but it’s a very low priority for now.

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