Ajin File:08

It’s been a while since we had some Ajin (or anything that didn’t involve cats for that matter), but here’s a new chapter!

Download | IRC trigger: !ajin8

Other releases might be slightly delayed since getting used to my new computer will take some time (a new OS will do that), but I’ll try and get Photoshop installed as soon as I can so I can get back to work.


4 thoughts on “Ajin File:08

    • It’s already being done by 4chan, and the first two chapters are on Batoto. I can’t say that it intaerested me that much though, so it’s not really under consideration for being picked up. I do have a new series coming soon though, assuming my laptop stops dying.

      • I know about 4chan, nevertheless, it would not be possible to consider a partnership?
        however she it may not be considered one scans because 4chan is a forum where “its imageboard format is fully based on user-generated content”, it does not ha any commitment of them in continue the mangá.
        Furthermore, 50% of chapters what were launched by 4chan were of some projects of scans that had already begun the project .

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