Donyatsu Chapter 22

We do still work on series other than Donyatsu. I understand why that might not be immediately obvious given the last few releases. Anyway, new chapter and only 3 chapters left in volume 2! There are two chapters in the beginning of volume 3 which we don’t have magazine raws for, and I really don’t want to debind my copy just for two chapters, so we might have to use share raws for those two. Clean quality might drop as a result, but we’ll do the best we can.

Download | IRC trigger: !donyatsu22

Donyatsu just returned from hitatus in Young Gangan, and it included an announcement that a DVD of the anime will be released on December 20. I’m not sure if that’ll be the complete series since that would mean that there’s only going to be 6 or so episodes, and a full 3000+ yen DVD for about 15 minutes of anime seems a bit much, even for Japan. Either way, there’s a small chance that we might just wait until that’s out to make our lives easier with the anime. Not sure yet, though.

On the subject of anime, Strike the Blood (of which Episode 1 was pretty awesome) has been confirmed to be a 24-episode series. I’m guessing that it’ll overtake the manga by about episode… 4 or 5? Anyway, the next chapter should be out soon but I might go through a slight “everyone’s just going to watch the anime so there’s no real point in working on this” phase. Shouldn’t be that long, but I’m just calling it now.

Mirai Nikki Redial Part B has finally been sent for typesetting, so that should be out soon. Shinigami-sama 4 is almost at that stage, just a few redraws left.


3 thoughts on “Donyatsu Chapter 22

    • Two parts only, making Part B the final chapter. There’s technically a Part C, but that’s just a guidebook for the anime DVD it came with and not actual manga so I doubt I’ll do it.

      • Still kind of hoping you will! Or at least show the raws–even if I can’t read it, I think it’d be really neat to see. I’ve had a lot of questions after the Anime & Manga and from what I’ve heard about it, some of the answers may be in Part C.

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