Yuusen Shoujo Chapter 5 — 100 Releases!

I’m back, with some more Yuusen. As it turns out, this is actually the 100th release of this group. I’m honestly amazed that it’s come this far, as when I started out, I really wasn’t planning on doing anything other than Needless. Looking back on it, 100 releases in less than a year is more work than I’ve ever really done before, especially given that I worked personally on each and every one of them.

I could go on a bit longer about this being an important milestone for the group and for me as a person in general and all that other stuff, but I think I’d rather just go to sleep now so I’ll leave it with thanking everyone who’s helped me so far – both the ones whom I’ve worked with and the readers who’ve encouraged me to keep going.

Download | IRC trigger: !plug5

Some day, there will be a chapter of Yuusen that actually explains what some of the terms they keep throwing around actually mean. Some day…


5 thoughts on “Yuusen Shoujo Chapter 5 — 100 Releases!

    • It’s in a monthly magazine and we have raws for up to the latest chapter, which is chapter 9. It just takes an annoyingly long time to release each chapter because the series is rather hard to translate.

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