Donyatsu Episode 1

And here’s the first episode of the Donyatsu anime. I don’t really do fansubbing, so I’m not sure what people normally post here. Fortunately, K3 wrote up a post for me so I’ll just insert that here.

TL: KoolKidsK
TLC: tiRAWRmisu
Edit: Nemu
Typesetter: KoolKidsK
Timer: KoolKidsK
QC: KoolKidsK, jagman1x3

Kudos to Triplicate for transcribing the ED, we love you~


Download: Dropbox

XDCC: !donyatsuep1

…well that was a boring post.

If future episodes are also uploaded to YouTube, I guess we’ll do those too. Not sure if that’s going to happen, but hopeful.


6 thoughts on “Donyatsu Episode 1

  1. Thanks Donyatsu anime Team. I don’t know why the Donyatsu anime is irregular. I have no ideia when the next episode will be on air. Actually, I hope it has more episode xD

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