Donyatsu 4koma Chapters 1-9

Did a few of these out of boredom. I’ll probably do more in the future at some point, so I’ll just add them to this post and bump it up whenever I do. Not going to bother making a download for them until I’ve got a sizable amount though, so I guess just read them here for now.


6 thoughts on “Donyatsu 4koma Chapters 1-9

    • Yeah, I’m a fansubber so I know how to work Aegisub and stuff. The problem is that my tlc for the donyatsu manga probably wouldn’t do anime. I can’t hear the ED for shit and there are a couple of lines I can’t hear in the actual episode. So basically, I need someone to transcribe the lines I can’t hear and tlc the script. Other than that, it’s done
      I’m hoping the ED single drops sometime soon because official lyrics usually come out with it.

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