Needless Chapter 114 – END

And so, Needless ends. This is the series that inspired me to start this group, so it’ll be sad to see it go. The truth is, I haven’t even been following it for as long as a lot of you probably have; I first learned about it when we picked it up over at Red Hawk and I was called in to work on it. Naturally, I immediately spent the next two days marathoning every chapter that had been released up to that point, and was eager for more. I had been toying around with the idea of starting my own group for some time before, but RH dropping Needless was the metaphorical kick in the pants that I needed to actually do it.

Of course, some thanks are in order. Everyone who’s worked on the series over the years has my deepest gratitude, especially js06 for translating it for the last few years and all the countless redrawers who put up with the hell they were subjected to on a monthly basis. This wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. Finally, and most importantly, thanks to Imai Kami-sensei himself for giving us this amazing series almost every month for the last ten years.

Speaking of Imai Kami, the new issue of Ultra Jump announced that he will be starting a new series in early 2014. There’s no way to know for sure, but it seems fairly likely that it will be Needless 2. I don’t know if everything will work out in a way that will let me pick it up, or if this group will even still exist then, but I’ll do the best I can. In the event that I’m unable to do it, I wish whomever does the best of luck.

With that said:

DDL here, trigger is !needless114.

(A little warning: Imai Kami-sensei went all-out for the grand finale, and this chapter is VERY NSFW. You have been warned.)


18 thoughts on “Needless Chapter 114 – END

  1. Thank you very much for scanlating Needless! I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into your translations, redraws and presenting the manga to a wider audience.

    I’m hoping to see you guys still around in the future whenever Needless 2 begins.

  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    Would you be willing to work on chapter 9 of Needless Zero which is the only chapter of it untranslated?
    js06 said he was willing to translate it if someone was going to do it.

  3. Thank you for finishing this series and all the hard work you put into it, Psylocke Scans. We all greatly appreciate it.

  4. Huge thanks for finishing the series, tremendous job on all the chapters you’ve done!

    I recall you saying you are interested in scantlating Needless Zero. I wish to echo the comments above, saying that the three last chapters of volume 02 should go first, specifically in this order:

    1. The chapter in which Eve’s failed attempt to escape the girl squad is shown, with forced stripping of the gilrs squad and situational comedy (this is the only chapter of Needless to not have been scanlated in English)

    2. The chapter focusing on the.rivalry between Uten and Kakfa (scanlated by Sekirei07, but poor quality scan and some panels left utranslated)

    3. The chapter in which Gregoire and Zamusa spy on Disk and Cruz. (scanlated by Sekirei07, but poor quality scan)

    If you do these 3 chapters, Needless will have decent/high quality English scanlations of all chapters. Truly a goal to strive to, which few Manga series achieve

  5. Thanks for sticking with Needless until the end.

    Or is it the end? Well, although Imai apparently intends to continue it at some point, his next series will NOT be Needless 2. He said this on his website (my apologies for the machine “translation”, but the meaning seems clear enough):

    In fact, it is said, “I do not try to draw the difference next time?” Said the editorial section
    Next project is’ll paint something not a needless two because we want to change the mood a little
    Thank you for your patronage also at that time because it will be back surely.

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