Donyatsu Chapter 15

Wow, we’re on a roll (pun kinda intended) with Donyatsu. Almost halfway to catching up! (Latest chapter in Japan is 34.)

DDL here, trigger is !donyatsu15.

So the Comic Meteor site said that Haru no Houtai Shoujo 6 was going to come out in June, but since new chapters are added every Wednesday and it’s still not up, it doesn’t look like that happened. The website keeps a schedule of what chapters will be coming out for the next two weeks at any given time, but the two previous Haru chapters were both released without being put on the schedule first, and I’m assuming that it’ll be like that for future chapters too. Bottom line: I’ll keep checking every week, but I have no way of knowing when Chapter 6 will be out.

Before anyone complains about “liberal” translations, the line on Page 2 was said in English. Well, Japanese letters that spell out the English word, but still.

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