Devil Survivor 2 – The Animation Chapter 7

Alright, all caught up again thanks to Ixiaz volunteering to translate it. More help is always appreciated, though! It would be particularly helpful if anyone who can translate without furigana applied, since I just found out that the author of Tonari no Seki-kun recently did a two-volume zombie apocalypse manga that looks fairly interesting, and I’d probably do it if the opportunity presented itself. (On the subject of Seki-kun, sorry for the delays but the translator is just really, really busy right now.)

Download here, trigger is !devil7.

Donyatsu 12 (hopefully) later today. Strike the Blood 7 is being typeset, so that’ll be within the next few days or so, I guess.

Does anyone even read this series anymore? The anime is so far ahead…

10 thoughts on “Devil Survivor 2 – The Animation Chapter 7

  1. Thank you Psylocke and special thanks for Ixiaz! I read DS and watch the anime. However I beat the game, so really doesn’t matter if the manga is behind the anime.

    Hm…Gakuen Rengoku Zombie Mate…I’m curious now. I can’t visualize the author’s art on a serious manga with zombie. And come back Cazelo, I need moar Tonari no Seki-kun T_T Real life is always in the way 😦 oh well, good luck o/

    Donyatsu & Strike the Blood 😀

  2. Sorry for posting this, just asking if you don’t mind…
    have this manga being officially drop by you guys already? (since there’s no news update for ch 08 coming out…)

    if it is then just kinda sad…

    • I *might* do chapter 8 since I have raws, but it’s got an annoying color spread and I don’t have a translator for the series anymore. If someone translates it, i’ll release it, but other than that I’m not going to do the series anymore since I can’t get raws and the anime kinda sucked anyway :/

  3. Hi, I’m the leader of Wonderland, a Vietnamese scanlation group. I would want to ask if you guys could give us permission to re-translate this series into Vietnamese, please? Of course we’ll happily keep your credit page in our release. Thank you!

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