Needless Chapter 113

In which Blade makes the world a better place for all of us. I just got the raws yesterday, and since the redraws actually weren’t that hard (for Needless, at least), I decided to solo the chapter for a quicker release.

In case you haven’t heard yet, Needless will end in next month’s issue of Ultra Jump, and will have color pages for the occasion. While I’ll try to get it out as quickly as possible, raws may be delayed if I have to use my own money to buy the magazine, since I’d have to go for the cheap/slow shipping option. I’m already in the red from buying this issue, so please consider helping me out so I can finish the series!

Here’s a DDL. Trigger is !needless113.


24 thoughts on “Needless Chapter 113

      • Imai Kami said a while back that the entire series so far is meant to be a “part 1” in a bigger project. There’s a timeline on his blog that shows his basic plan for the series and where the events in Needless 0 take place. It’s in Japanese, but the important part is that Needless 1.5 (one of the chapters in Needless 0) takes place in between parts 1 and 2, meaning that whatever happens in the final chapter of part 1 has to somehow lead into that.

        Here’s the timeline btw.

      • its a planned ending but there WILL be a part 2 so it will continue from where the last chapter leaves off possibly in a time skip

  1. Thank you very much for the chapter and hard work!

    I never saw that coming. I should have, but I don’t know why I didn’t. I like new Yamada, though.

    • blade is unlikely to be in part 2 thats where AnN will be part of the story well thats whats expected anyway

    • I’m interested in it from reading Chapter 1, but that might change once I read Chapter 2 depending on how that is. I’m not planning on picking anything else up until I can get translators for Devil Survivor 2 and Yuusen Shoujo, though. Then again, I’ve said that before and ended up picking up new stuff anyway, so *shrug*.

  2. Just dropping by to say thanks for translating. I’d also like to know if you have any intentions on translsting needless zero?

    • The translator for Needless did ask me if I would do Needless Zero if he translated it, so I’m assuming he plans on doing it. So, yes, I do plan on scanlating Needless Zero.

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