Status Update

I’m bored, so here’s a post about how things are going.

Current Projects

Devil Survivor 2 – The Animation: I’ve finished translating Chapter 6, but I can’t use the script until someone looks over it for mistakes. The color page and cover are both cleaned and redrawn, and I’ll clean the rest of the chapter once the script is finalized. I’m still looking for a permanent translator for this series.

Donyatsu: We have HQ raws for all of Volumes 1 and 2, and most of the current magazine chapters after that (latest chapter is 31). Thing is, the cleaner/translator for this series is also the cleaner/translator for OniiNyan, and he can only work on one at a time. Given a choice, he’d much rather work on Donyatsu, but OniiNyan had been delayed long enough so I told him that I wouldn’t do any more work on Donyatsu until OniiNyan had been released. Once that’s out, we’ll do more Donyatsu.

Haru no Houtai Shoujo: As I said before, I unfortunately no longer have a translator for this series and cannot do any more work on it until I get one. The new chapter was released on Comic Meteor today, but it’s a 5-page color 4koma instead of the actual Chapter 5. Chapter 5 will be released in Volume 1 next week before it’s released online.

Kigurumi: Chapter 1 is almost all cleaned, except for the color pages. It’s at typesetting at Renzokusei, but it’s marked as low-priority because a) it’s a bimonthly series; and b) the translator disappeared after doing Chapter 1. Three chapters are out in Japan, plus the original oneshot from Young Jump. If someone applies to translate it, catching up will become very high-priority.

Mirai Nikki Redial: Not much to say here. The volume will be released in July, at which point work on it will resume.

Needless: Chapter 112 is completely finished except for two pages of redraws which are juuuuust above my skill level. The usual redrawer is currently on break, so I’m asking around for someone else to do them. Once those are finished, the chapter will be released immediately.

OniiNyan: Like I said above, the cleaner/translator for this is also doing Donyatsu. Chapter 2 is almost ready for release though; just need to get translations for a few bubbles that were missed the first time around. After that, though, there might be more delays for two reasons. First of all, the series just has an obscene amount of redraws, so that takes time. Second, the translation checker quit, so we can’t get any more scripts. In order to continue, we need either a new translator or a new translation checker, so please let me know if you can help!

Steins;Gate – Tower of Babel: I’m currently in discussions with another group to make this a joint project. Since the main reason for me not wanting to continue it is the insane amount of text that needs to be typeset, forcing asking someone else to do it would mean there would be no problems. If it works out, I’ll buy Volume 2 and continue the series. Otherwise, I will drop it after completing Volume 1.

Strike the Blood: About half of Chapter 7 is cleaned, but I’m waiting for the translation before I do the rest.

Tonari no Seki-kun: We have gotten HQ volume raws for Volumes 2 and 3, and I’m planning on buying Volume 4 myself. The cleaner has told me that he’s planning on doing a bunch of chapters at once, so once I’ve got those, I’ll start slapping the translator. As there are a LOT of redraws in this series, more help would be greatly appreciated! Also, I’m considering skipping ahead a bit and releasing Chapter 51 early because it was on the cover of Comic Flapper and had several color pages to celebrate the anime being announced. Last time I skipped ahead though, there seemed to be a lot of confusion, so I might not end up doing it. I do want to see the color pages released though…

Yaotsukumo: Chapter 7 has been translated, and I’m in the middle of cleaning it. The translator has told me that he’s almost done translating Chapter 8 as well, so I hope to release both of those this month. If that happens, we will be caught up on the series and will release it monthly as each new chapter comes out. From the way the story is going, though, I think it’s likely that the series will end with Volume 3. No way to know for sure, though.
EDIT: Chapter 8 is now translated as well. These will hopefully be released soon.

Yuusen Shoujo ~Plug-in Girl~: I’m translating Chapter 3, but it’s being delayed by some other stuff. After Chapter 3 are two eight-page extra chapters, so I’ll probably release all three of those together.

And now, for the future. Just some stuff that I have various degrees of interest in doing if someone translates.

Possible Future Projects

Ajin: I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen with this one. I bought Volume 1 for someone who plans on editing it himself and has a translator lined up. He needs somewhere to release it though, so that might be here. If not, it’ll still be released somewhere else, though. If he’s able to do the editing himself, I’ll gladly pick it up, but I’m not sure what’ll happen if I have to do a significant amount of work on it cause I’m lazy. Anyway, since subscribing to Good! Afternoon isn’t really possible for me, this will be done in volumes only.

Bungou Stray Dogs: This started around the same time as Yaotsukumo in Young Ace, and it looks fairly good, although I haven’t really read it in-depth. If someone offers to translate it, I’d consider picking it up once my workload lightens a little.

Fate/Hollow Atraxia: This series will be starting in this month’s issue of Shounen Ace. If it doesn’t have an insane amount of redraws, it would be interesting to do. However, if the English patch for the VN ever actually comes out, I’d most likely lose all interest in doing the manga.

Kingdom Game: This started in this month’s issue of Dengeki Daioh. Like Bungou Stray Dogs, I’m interested in it solely because I think it looks cool.

Ratman: This series will end in this month’s issue of Shounen Ace, with 12 volumes. I’ve been buying some of the Japanese volumes, and I really like the series so far. If someone applies to translate it, I would definitely pick it up. However, I’d prefer to start from Volume 2 since I haven’t read up to the latest released chapter and don’t want to read the current scans due to lack of anything that can be remotely called “quality.” Out of all these possible projects, this is the one I’d like to do the most.

Here’s some sparkles for those of you who actually read this far.



3 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Thank you for the projects status. About the future projects, Ratman & Ajin got my attention (Ratman I’ve read 46 chapters translated). And Bungou Stray Dogs seems interesting.

    I’d suggest + 3 projects: Shoukoku no Altair & Montage & Gingitsune. Shoukoku no Altair is an awesome shounen and its last release was 136 days ago :(. Montage is a great seinen from the same author of RRR. Gingitsune is an other great seinen and it will get a TV anime adaptation ( Some got your interest?

    • Honestly, I dunno… Shoukoku no Altair looks like it’s pretty politics-based, and those tend to get a bit too hard to follow. Montage doesn’t look like it’s my kind of series (I tend to prefer more action-y over psychological, as you might have noticed from the stuff I already do). It’s a weekly with no furigana too, so catching up would be next to impossible. As for Gingitsune, I actually buy the magazine it’s in (Ultra Jump) so I’ve looked at a few chapters, and nothing about it really caught my interest. Plus it doesn’t have furigana, which means I can’t even read most of it… Anyway, this stuff is all wishful thinking for now until I can get a translator. Sorry. :<

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