Donyatsu Chapters 3 + 4

Like I said, we’re picking up Donyatsu! Here’s Chapter 3, and here’s Chapter 4. IRC triggers are !donyatsu3 and !donyatsu4. These chapters are insanely short (around 8-10 pages each, with a 20-pager every once in a while) and easy to translate. With that and the fact that it’s only a bi-weekly series, it shouldn’t take that long for us to catch up.

Devil Survivor 2 4 has been typeset, I just put off the QC a bit to release Donyatsu. That’ll be out tomorrow. Also, looks like it’ll be getting the cover of GFantasy next month, along with color pages and a special extra booklet that’ll come with the magazine so yaaaay.

In other news, in case anyone hasn’t heard by now, it has been confirmed that Strike the Blood will be receiving an anime adaption. Also yaaaay.


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