Yaotsukumo Chapter 3

Sorry this was so delayed. DDL = here, IRC trigger = !yaotsukumo3. Hoping to catch up to the Japanese releases some time soon (latest chapter is 6).

On the subject of delays, Needless 110 has been proofread, so just a few redraws and typesetting left. Most likely gonna be out tonight or tomorrow, depending on how much work this essay will take me. Unfortunately, chapter 111 *might* be slightly delayed as well due to the timing of my spring break. Long story short, I’m not going to be anywhere near the store where I buy raws when Ultra Jump comes out, so it’ll take an extra week or so for me to get it. I’m looking into alternative methods of getting Needless for this one issue, but it will most likely be at least a little delayed. Sorry. :<



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