Tonari no Seki-kun 22nd Period

This is probably my favorite chapter of the series so far. It’s rare for someone to out-Yokoi Yokoi herself. Download is here, IRC trigger is !seki22. The main reason this took so long is because we’re using crappy share raws — if we can get about $10 in donations, i’ll be able to purchase HQ raws for the rest of the volume, which should speed things up significantly. Just saying~

I said I’d be prioritizing Yaotsukumo, but due to a slight mixup with two essays i had (thought they were due next week, turns out it was this week), I didn’t end up having any time to work on it. Now that I’m finally done with the essays, the script for Needless has been posted, so I’ll be doing that first. It’s already almost completely cleaned, just needs a few more redraws and typesetting.

Strike the Blood 5 is almost completely ready for release, but *someone* seems to have gone to sleep before uploading the last few pages, so that should be out tomorrow. Chapter 1 of Yuusen Shoujo is nearing release as well — just a few spreads to redraw, then I’ll get it proofed and sent off for typesetting. That might take some time though, since it’s a 70-page chapter, so it most likely won’t be out before the weekend.

On another note, we’re going to be picking up Donyatsu in the near future. The only problem is, we currently only have volume 2 since the store I went to was sold out of volume 1. The translator is going to get a head start on doing volume 2, but we aren’t going to release that yet, obviously. Bottom line is, once we manage to get raws for and finish volume 1, expect very, very fast releases of all the built-up chapters.


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