Inuyasha Epilogue

Randomly felt like doing this for no particular reason. This is the extra chapter that was published in Weekly Shounen Sunday last week as part of the Heroes Come Back campaign. Direct download here, trigger on IRC is !inuepi.

On the subject of oneshots, I’ve got one by the author of Hoshin Engi that was in Miracle Jump that I might do if anyone wants to translate it for me. I’m definitely planning on doing the oneshot in the next issue of Miracle Jump, though, since it’s by the author of Reborn!

Yaotsukumo chapter 2, Devil Survivor 2 chapter 3, and RealPG chapter 14 are all translated, and should be typeset at various points during the following week. RealPG will most likely be out first, followed by one of the other two, probably Yaotsukumo.Of course, if I could get someone to help me typeset them, they could both be out quicker~


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