Steins;Gate – Tower of Babel Prologue

Well, getting this released was an adventure. I’ve had the magazine raws sitting around pretty much since I started the group, but the translation got so delayed that Volume 1 ended up coming out, so I used that instead. The series is published in Ultra Jump, so I’ll be able to use the magazines I buy for Needless once I finish with this volume (assuming Volume 2 isn’t out by then…). Grab it here or at #psylocke with the trigger !babel0.

I’ll be getting Needless raws tomorrow, and Devil Survivor 2 (hopefully) soon after, so those should be out some time next week. I’m about halfway through with the translation for Chapter 21 of Tonari no Seki-kun, but it’s a double-length chapter and will therefore take a bit more time. It’s VERY awesome though, and well worth the wait.

In other news, we are now recruiting! I was going to make a page detailing what positions were needed and for what series, but typesetting Steins;Gate took up too much of my time. Coincidentally, typesetters are what we need most, although translators, cleaners, and redrawers are also needed. If you have experience and would like to apply, come on to IRC and PM me, or send an email to if I’m not online.


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