Needless Chapter 108

EDIT: Fixed a typesetting derp. The bot is currently down for some reason, so IRC downloads won’t work at the moment. Alright, IRC downloads are working again.

Enjoy that panty shot, cause that’s all the fanservice you’re gonna get in this chapter (unless you count Cruz, which I prefer not to). You can download it at #psylocke with the trigger !needless108.

Also, it looks like js06 has opted to change “Seto” to “Seth”, which makes more sense given the naming conventions the series has used so far. Just letting you know that it isn’t a typo.

Like I said before, RealPG 12 should be up next. Additionally, if you can translate Japanese and want to take some of the burden off my current slaves translators while helping us get series like Steins;Gate and Devil Survivor 2 out, come on IRC and let me know!


8 thoughts on “Needless Chapter 108

    • Huh, looks like you’re right. To be honest, biology was never really my strong point, so whenever something like that comes up in a script, I just assume the translator looked up the right word to use. I might make a V3 to fix that, but reuploading to three different places is kind of a pain… πŸ˜› Anyway, thanks for pointing that out!

      • Okay, I double-checked the raw and it’s actually the author’s fault, not the translator’s. The kanji in question have the furigana reading ネクローシス (nekurooshisu), so blame the author for not doing his research. XD

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