Needless Chapter 107 and RealPG Stage X – DOUBLE RELEASE!!

Sorry for the wait! Needless 107 is out!! I’ve had this script for RealPG 10 sitting around ever since U-Prod shut down, with no way to release it. Figured I might as well let everyone else enjoy it, so here it is!

One important thing to note: I CANNOT CONTINUE REALPG UNLESS SOMEONE VOLUNTEERS TO TRANSLATE IT. Unfortunately, I only had the script for chapter 10, so if you can translate Japanese and want RealPG continued, please let me know!

Alright, looks like I’ve got a translator now. It might be a few weeks before the next chapter is out, but the rest should follow fairly quickly after that one.

With that out of my system, Needless is here,Β and RealPG is here.


17 thoughts on “Needless Chapter 107 and RealPG Stage X – DOUBLE RELEASE!!

  1. Thank you, also I understand its important to have your tag on the file folder, but could I convince you put it at the end. It makes organization a lot easier.

      • Thank you, it just makes things a bit more convenient for people like me who have the entire series downloaded and also helps keep the credit where its due.

  2. THANK YOU!!!!! The quality is great!

    Ah, Simple Scans has dropped Sankarea. It would be a great new project for you guys because it’s popular. However…yeah I haven’t a jp translator 😦

    Anyway, thx again πŸ˜€

    • By the way; Simple has technically dropped it, but if you read the comments in the announcement post, the leader of the group has already said she’s working with another group/person to release it under a different group name. So, while releases are somewhat delayed right now, they are going to come.

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